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Four English Cocker Spaniels sitting with trainer



  • Intro to the gun

  • Intro to birds

  • Intro to water

  • Intro to different types of cover

  • Learning to hup/sit

  • Hunt for tennis balls and bumpers

  • Retrieve tennis balls/bumpers to hand

  • Hand signals and directions, basic quartering/patterning

  • Marked retrieves and short blind retrieves 

English Cocker Spaniel chasing a tennis ball


  • All the above in the basic/intro

  • Learning to hup/sit out at a distance

  • Multiple marked retrieves

  • Complex & long blind retrieves

  • Advanced handling

  • Water work

  • Advanced quartering and patterning

  • Steady to flush and shot on birds

  • Hunting through many different types of cover

  • Exposure to different birds

  • Hunting wild birds

English Cocker Spaniel flushing a wild bird from cover with trainer watching on

Pointing Dogs

ointing hunting dog in a field with trainer


  • Overall health and fitness

  • Hunting in a variety of terrain

  • Whoa broke. Steady to wing, shot, and fall.

  • Backing/honoring another dog’s point

  • Exposure to wild birds

From January through April heritage gundogs is on the west coast field trial circuit campaigning cocker and springer spaniels on behalf of clients.


Typically in January, All field trial prospects come to the kennel to get tuned up and dialed in for the up and coming season. 

we cater to the individual whether you have a young dog getting prepared for its first season on the circuit or a dog that has already competed. We have excellent training grounds with all types of cover and access to fantastic flying birds. 

First trials are at the end of January and run almost every other weekend until April. A list of the trials and date can be found on the CALENDAR. 

Flushing Dogs

We have a deep passion and understanding of spaniels. These are the dogs that Matty grew up with and has worked with his entire life. In addition to hunting and guiding with spaniels, Matty also successfully competes with them on the spaniel field trial circuit. Here at Heritage Gundogs, there is simply nothing we enjoy more than developing spaniels into world-class hunting and field trial dogs.

Field Trial  for Cocker & Springer Spaniels

Pointing hunting dog with trainer


  • Crate training

  • Learning to come and go with the handler

  • Intro to birds

  • Intro to gunfire

  • Intro to e-collar/tracking collar

  • Wild bird exposure

Here at Heritage Gundogs, we own and train a large string of pointing dogs for our guided hunts. Our dogs perform in a wide variety of terrain on a diversity of wild bird species. We have the experience and expertise it takes to develop a pointing dog that you will be proud to own and eager to show off to your friends. 
We take all breeds of pointing dogs. Our main focus is on developing them into world-class gundogs that can find and properly handle wild birds. These are dogs that will make your days in the field more productive, pleasurable, and memorable.

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